Phantoms Of Paradise 2008 – 2010


Abelha Live


POP – Phantoms Of Paradise was a 2 woman project & builded 2008 from Abelha Supersónica & Somaphon, booth based in Berlin.


After the solo start of Abelha Supersónica (since 2005 more & more just more with electronic musicmachines/ hardware & without any computer help) which was focused more on vocals & bringing Somaphon into the electronic hardware musicworld, the two chicks decided 2008 to make that common project -short- POP was born (motivated by the Phantom of the paradise film of Brian de Palma, about the corrupt music scene—still today absolutely actual… 🙂


The energy & a special friendship between the two girls was creating an incredible atmosphere while producing & playing live*

Everybody who had the luck to see them live knows about that & was flashed from the presence of this incredible duo…

Different focus & aims splitted them 2010 & let everybody go her own musical way…


While the time of „POP“ they released a remix for Andreas Gross published over sony…

„False Prophets“ – RMX for Andreas Gross

…to find on:

„Stone Thrower“ E.P. (2010/02—Vinyl & CD)


& on the Netlabel Gargan Records:

The „Brainstorm“ Album (nr. 46)