…is an  Electropop Singer/ Songwriter Project (hardware live act) based in Berlin*

Abelha performs „Fallen Angel“ @ Studio

With 5 years Abelha got her first Keyboard, already in a fucking cool style like a guitar & with pitch Bend–what a hightech (;

She sang all day long, played the piano and recorded her own stories & radioshows with a lot of different tools like tapedecks, turntables, walkman, cheap microphones for children, guitar, percussion, keyboard, voice & vocals (her mother was a passionate bulky refuse walker ;) Her house of family was full of music. Her mother teached piano, played drums & violin – her father, a wonderful guitarist played the Synthesizer & guitar in the rockband “Speedfire”. It was so normal to make music that she didn´t recognized, that it could be sth. special…it was like breathe…

 Abelha recorded her first songs in 2002 with the help of an atari & the sounds of her digi piano. The Piano is one of the most important companions in her life, to live out what happens in her soul & heart. While playing she felt so defenceless & vulnerable, that after the death of her mother 2004 she has closed her heart to the public. She felt as paralyzed, caught in grief about the course of the things. Unable to show these emotions which are told in the music to the humans. Only a few have come to the hearing pleasure of her piano playing until today.  She focused more on the beat based music, which gave her a bit more distance for vulnerability & neutrality for the realisation of her music, under the name Abelha Supersónica (http://abelhasupersonica.wordpress.com/).

Of course she loves the electronic dance music, besides, about all mass. She was completely entranced  from the depth & lightness at the same time which the music has mediated for her.

She fell totally in love with electronic music. To create these very own special sounds & atmospheres with the help of these wonderful electronic musicmachines, together with her voice. The magic of effects & oscillators, soundwaves & scapes…a neverending dreamworld* Her big love & soul friend (;
With this project she closes a gap & shows her mind who is the boss here!
Abelha jumps finally over their shade, deep into the bath of the “musical” feelings.

In the last years she wrote & produced so many songs & still the new stuff….ufff, which are waiting to be released finally…but step by step (;

If you want to hear her music, just come around and catch her @ the live gigs!

Her first EP´s “Light & shadow” and Heartdrops EP are to hear on soundcloud or bandcamp (link below)

At the moment she is working on her debut Album***